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Leadership training

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We offer various programs, beginning with the Timothy Discipleship Training program, which are designed to train prospective Christian leaders. Participants who graduate from the Timothy Discipleship Training program and demonstrate a passion for Christian evangelism will be selected, mentored and sent to other Christian institutions. They will further develop their spirituality and Christian missionary training at these institutions. The participants who engage in the leadership training programs described below will strengthen the burgeoning churches, leaders and missionaries in local communities.



imothy Discipleship Training is the training program for the new Christian Believers. The goal of this program is to teach participants the basic principles of Christian doctrine and how to lead a Christian life. The program will be structured to last one year for each participant and will be led by volunteers at local churches that have been established through the church planting program. Individuals selected for enrollment in this program must proclaim his/her faith in Jesus Christ and get baptized in water according to Christian ordinance. Participants will attend weekly Sunday services in addition to weekly Bible study classes. Volunteers in each church will attempt to provide individualized counselling and missionary training sessions for each participant. Participants will also engage in local evangelism and church ministries under the supervision of the volunteers.  Participants will receive a certificate representing completion of their Timothy Discipleship training upon completion of this program.

We also offer a program called the Bharat School of Evangelism. The program will be approximately three months in duration and will be designed to train participants on effective evangelization skills. Individuals who have completed the Timothy Discipleship Training program at the local church level and have shown an aptitude and willingness for further studies will be selected by the Applicant for this program. Upon acceptance, the Applicant will provide accommodations, food and study materials to participants for the duration of the program. They also engage in door-to-door evangelization and will also assemble in public spaces to sing gospel songs, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and distribute gospel literature.



We also organize two annual conferences for pastors residing in Mission Fields. The usual attendance is approximately 700 and 1,500 individuals respectively for each of these conferences. The goal of each conference will be to provide a forum in which pastors may share their experiences and report on their work in their respective villages and towns. The conferences will aim to boost the morale of those in attendance and provide an opportunity for participants to innovate new ways to engage in their evangelical work.